Major Arcana cont…

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The Chariot is drawn by two creatures of nature, there is a black one and a white one. The Charioteer however has no reigns to hold and no control over the chariot or its powers. There is a lot of symbolism in this card in a ‘normal’ reading but I can make it brief here. The Chariot is very much about tuning in to the cosmic cycles and realising that they are often more powerful than ourselves. By going against nature, we will ultimately fail and be destroyed; in many ways the Chariot is a card for our times. We have fought nature, and briefly triumphed over her. Now she is fighting back. However, your self-discipline may have been a struggle at times, but it has paid off – you are coming into the home stretch and victory is in sight at last.
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Strength. This card is ruled by the sign of Leo. It’s positive attributes include, honesty, generosity, loyalty and reliability. The strength represented in this card is nothing to do with brute force or violence. This kind of strength comes from a generous, loving heart. The human in the picture is opening the lions’ mouth but not forcing the mouth open. Indeed the lion seems to be cooperating in this manoeuvre. Once again this is a card for our time. It means that you have the courage of your convictions. You are filled with faith and power. Optimism and a firm resolve will enable you to win through in any situation. By cooperating with others at this time, a happy future is possible if you are all determined, and do not give up at the first hurdle. Draw strength from this card and be kind to yourself and others.

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Here is the Hermit. He represents the sign of Virgo. Virgo is traditionally the sign of work and service to others. The Hermit shuns the noisy, meaningless world and prefers to live alone where he can contemplate his future and study philosophical or spiritual doctrines. This can be a temporary or permanent state of being. Originally the Hermit was a wise woman who administered healing and midwifery, also known as the old crone. The light he carries is not an external light but the light of self-enlightenment.  Selfless service is one way to rid ourselves of arrogance and conceit. I feel that the Hermit now speaks to us about using our alone time to contemplate our future and our future selves. Through the physical state of ‘doing nothing’ we can develop our mental, emotional and spiritual selves more strongly. Silence is golden, says the Hermit, for it illuminates the path ahead.

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