Please enjoy reading reviews from clients who have tried my services!

Absolutely wonderful. Fab experience and very helpful. 5 stars!


Amazing person. Very good tarot reading.


Amazing how she got some things so accurate.


Very accurate. I didn’t have to say much. She knew it all.


I wasn’t sure about the whole thing, but Judy didn’t even ask for my surname when I booked the appointment (so she couldn’t have Google me!) … She knew so many things about my past and present – a forthcoming doctor’s appointment, a recent move of house, my little dog who had died and was there with me, happy and watching over me – so many things. She knew the past, so I believe the future as she has predicted. I will definitely be going back!


Thank you so much. A lot clearer and peace at last. x


Absolutely amazing! Super accurate both in circumstances and timings of when things have happened and will be happening. Can’t wait to come again for more. Thank you. x


Thank you for the help. It helped me to feel a little bit more grounded in myself.


Thank you for the very thoughtful and personal reading. I was reminded of my inner strength and to continue to have more trust in what my gut tells me.


Absolutely wonderful. Thank you. Authentic, calming, gifted. A beautiful moment and a true pleasure.