Angels are Angelic beings with gentle and caring energies. A lead Angel is assigned to us at birth but there are many Angels, who have different skills, that come and go as needed. Angels cannot interfere with our lives unless asked to do so.

Angels are beings of perfect vibrations and pure spirit. They occasionally become physical manifestations of human form in order to comfort or create harmony for an individual.

In my Angel card readings, I ask the Angels to guide and help me give a clearer picture of your world in order to bring reassurance and guidance for you. The Angel cards are the perfect tool for asking questions and have a totally different relationship with me than the tarot cards do. 
For your Angel card reading please have, up to, three specific questions ready to ask them. 

I now offer Telephone readings which will take the same format as one-to-one readings above.
If you would like a telephone reading, please contact me to arrange a mutual time, then pay the full amount of £40, using the PayPal link on the Welcome page by hovering your pointer over the number until the arrows appear, then press up once so that a 2 appears in the box, at least 6 hours before the arranged time. I will then confirm with you when I have the Payment confirmation. At the appointment time you phone me and I will then read the cards for you.

07922 116193

£49   40-50 minute reading

Payment is due at the time of reading or therapy, and a Non-refundable Deposit of £20 must be paid for all readings and therapies within 6 hours of appointment time or the slot will be unsaved and reused. Please read the T&Cs first on Welcome Page.
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Bookings can be made at in person at Ganesha, the Corridor, Bath.

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Angel card reading