Past Life Therapy

There has been an upsurge of interest in this therapy recently. Usually known as Regression, this past life therapy takes you to a former existence that has relevance in your life today.

I use deep relaxation techniques akin to hypnotherapy to help you understand yourself much better. We all have conditions, qualities or behaviours, that we have brought with us from other lives and some of them could be holding you back in this life or causing unnecessary psychological conflicts.

Do you have inexplicable fears or foibles? Do you feel that you have unresolved issues but don’t know where they came from? Or do you just have an interest in where you have been and what you have done in previous lives?

Even going back to a former time in this life might give you an insight into your personal psyche. This is an interesting, fascinating and often enjoyable experience. Although I take you into a deep, relaxed state, all through the session you are completely in control and still aware of where you are and what is happening around you.

If not now – when?

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£80 – 1 hour session

Payment, in cash only, is due at the time of reading or therapy, and a non-refundable deposit of £20 is to be paid, via PayPal on the Welcome Page, within 12 hours of booking or the slot will be unsaved and reused. Please read the T&Cs first on Welcome Page. Over 18 years old only.
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