Telephone readings are at the special price of £40 until April 30 2021. 🙂
I have been reading tarot cards for over 30 years. I use only positivity and work with my spirit guides to give you advice and clarity for your pathway ahead. My readings are down to earth, and I give you exactly what I am seeing, hearing and feeling. This may sometimes include psychic descriptions of spirit friends and family that come through for you with love. The cards will give you guidance on your way forward for, at least, the next six months, and will, invariably, confirm what you intuitively already know. 

Take a look at your pathway into the future. Ask questions. You never know what Spirit wishes to tell you!
Bookings can also be made in person at Ganesha, the Corridor, Bath. UK
Payment is due at the time of reading or therapy, and a non-refundable deposit of £20 is to be paid within 6 hours of appointment time or the slot will be unsaved and reused. Please read the T&Cs first on Welcome Page. Pay in full below.

Telephone Readings
I now offer Telephone readings which will take the same format as one-to-one readings above.
If you would like a telephone reading, please contact me to arrange a mutual time, then pay the full amount of £40, using the PayPal link on the Welcome page by hovering your pointer over the number until the arrows appear, then press up once so that a 2 appears in the box, at least 6 hours before the arranged time. I will then confirm with you when I have the Payment confirmation. At the appointment time you phone me and I will then read the cards for you.

07922 116193




£49 40-50 minute face to face reading

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