Now open reduced days and hours are Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10am – 2pm.
Hello and welcome! My name is Judy and I’m a Psychic and therapist based in Bath, UK.  I offer tarot readings which show your pathway forward as it stands at the present, but includes past, present and future. In some cases, I am also able to link in with your loved ones in spirit.
I also offer Angel Card readings. Please advise me that you want these when booking. 

If the Covid 19 virus has had a detrimental affect on you, check out my Counselling page. Counselling, the ‘talking therapy’, great for cathexis. I’m here to help.

Past Life therapy, Regression, where you revisit other lives that you have lived through, or go back in this life and revisit a past scenario.

As a therapist I offer Crystal Therapy which is an amazing relaxation aid as well as a therapeutic tool to rebalance your chakras. Please read the Crystal Therapy page.

All therapies are by appointment only. Allow at least, 24 hours for booking.

Don’t forget that we give telephone readings as well as face-to-face ones so don’t deprive yourself of a tarot or angel card reading just because you are stuck at home.



Payment is due at the time of reading, or therapy, but a deposit will be required upon booking. Contact me now on 07922 116193, via Facebook Msgr, WhatsApp or by email at bathtarot@gmail.com

Please read the T&Cs and Code of Ethics before booking.

Bookings must be made, at least, 48 hours before appointment time. Appointments can also be booked at Ganesha, The Corridor, Bath, UK.

Readings and therapies are similarly offered in Bristol, UK.

Fees are below. Payment is due at the time of reading or therapy, and a non-refundable deposit of £20 is payable upon booking.

Deposits by Paypal only.


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Amazing person. Very good tarot reading.


I wasn’t sure about the whole thing, but Judy didn’t even ask for my surname when I booked the appointment (so she couldn’t have Google me!) … She knew so many things about my past and present – a forthcoming doctor’s appointment, a recent move of house, my little dog who had died and was there with me, happy and watching over me – so many things. She knew the past, so I believe the future as she has predicted. I will definitely be going back!

Abbey Swift