Crystal Therapy

Crystal healing has also been endorsed by Dr David Hamilton in his book Why Woo-Woo Works.

Crystals have been used throughout history for their healing properties as well as their beauty.

The body has 7 different Chakras, these are energy fields linking our physical form to our energy field, commonly known as our Aura. It has long been established that crystals have a profound healing effect on the Chakras. Today this natural healing art can help many conditions as well as helping us to feel more well balanced and better able to cope with everyday life.

  • I use the power of crystals to rebalance the Chakra vibrations. I will also pick up ‘hot spots’ and advice for you, if needed, through the crystals while working with them.
  • If you are mentally or emotionally drained then this could be causing you physical health problems, and you would benefit from this treatment.
  • It is a non-invasive and gentle therapy, which is very relaxing and has a “feel good” factor.

You don’t have to be unwell for this treatment, we all need a time out occasionally. However, just as you wouldn’t expect just one antibiotic tablet to take away your illness, (you have to finish the whole course for that to happen) I would therefore suggest booking three sessions, a week apart, as this will be more beneficial to your body than just a one off.
My Angels transmit healing and soothing energy through my energy lines, and crystal wand, into your energy centres to promote a feelings of calmness and well-being.

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£40 – 30 minute session
Appointments only.

Payment, in cash only, is due at the time of reading or therapy, and a non-refundable deposit of £20 is to be paid, via PayPal on the Welcome Page, within 12 hours of booking or the slot will be unsaved and reused. Please read the T&Cs first on Welcome Page. Over 18 years old only.
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